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Dundee, IL

Julia Link

JuliaJulia currently resides in Crystal Lake, Illinois with her family. She has a degree in early childhood education and she’s currently working with children 9-15 months old. She is a proud mother of four children, of which two of her girls are actively involved in Allegiance Color Guard.

Julia started her own color guard career at the very young age of 3 as a side arm and mascot for her father’s color guard unit, the Colleens. She continued in the activity competitively at age 7 with Corsair2B and a number of other units until her age out year with State Street Review in 1992.

She was also a member of the Phantom Regiment Cadets in 1985 before moving up to the organization’s namesake Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps where she aged out in 1990.

A few years later, Julia began instructing at Maine West HS winter guard in 1993. Aside from a few breaks here and there, she continued instructing various color guards until she started teaching at Allegiance in 2010.