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Dundee, IL

Allegiance Summer Guard

Spin a flag, toss a rifle… CATCH the excitement!

Learn how to spin and toss colorful flags, rifles, and sabres to music and then perform exciting, choreographed, routines at local parades and the Allegiance Annual Summer Showcase! Previous color guard experience not required – we will teach you!

Eligibility: Co-ed Youth, 4th graders and up (All levels, Beginner-Advanced)
Program Duration: May-July  
Location: May 16 and 23 at Dundee Middle School, 4200 West Main St, West Dundee, IL 60118. Wednesday’s in June through August at Grafelman Park, 4th St. and Main St., West Dundee, IL 60018. Two Saturday rehearsals TBD.

Summer Guard is free for anyone interested in exploring Color Guard.

If you are interested in learning more, or in signing up early, please send an email to