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Dundee, IL

Summer Registration

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Please complete the form below to register for Summer Guard. Thank you for your interest in Allegiance Color Guard!

Participant First Name
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If you have previous color guard experience, please describe (i.e. groups performed with, when, etc.)

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian First Name
Parent/Guardian Last Name
In case of emergency, we will contact the parent/guardian above. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the emergency contact person will be called.

MEMBER/PARENT AGREEMENT: I/We understand and agree to abide by the information explained in the 2018 Summer Guard Member/Parent handbook. I/We understand the financial requirements as well as the time commitment necessary to participate in Allegiance Summer Guard. I/We understand that, regardless of reason, there are no refunds administered for the Summer Guard registration fee. I/We understand that attendance is expected at all scheduled events unless I/We have conflicts that are listed below and approved by the director below. .

Please type name - Parent/Guardian or Adult Participant (if participant is age 18 or older)