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Dundee, IL

Video Audition

Potential members who live outside the contential United States may submit a video audition for consideration. No fee required. DVD or electronic format are accepted.

Please include:
Your personal information: Name, Age, Guard/Corps/Dance Experience.
Your Contact Information: Phone/Email/Home Address.
Movement Technique/Choreography.
Equipment Technique/Choreography. (Flag)
Also include Rifle/Sabre if you spin weapon.
Tosses (4, 5, 6, 7), angle tosses, spins, choreography you know (music is optional).
Any special movement/equipment skills you possess.

Video must be received before September 21, 2014.

Ship to:
Onyx/O2 World Guards
1131- F Shawnee Run
Dayton, Ohio 45449


Email video link:

Questions or Information

Contact: Michael Lentz
Cell: (937) 305-5122